Sunday, May 23, 2010

Coloring Sisterlocks

Summer is around the corner and people are wanting to color those locks but i want to give you my personal experience with coloring locks. I actually started coloring my sisterlocks with Clairol's Texture & Tones Blazing Burgundy when my locks were about 8 mos old. I loved the color and received many compliments on it. I would have to color every 4-8 weeks to keep the color. In March I tried another color from a different brand and it turned my locks a muppet red. I love Jim Henson muppets but I didn't want to look like one! So two days later I colored my hair black using miss Clairol's Black Velvet Conditioning Color recommended to me by a Sally's Consultant to correct the color on my hair. I thanked God that my hair didn't fall out and I used a Intensive Therapy Protein Fortifier & Moisturizer from ion to repair any damage and to keep my locks healthy. I decided to color my hair black because I want to give my hair a break from color. I do believe that the color had cause some damage to my ends which are chemically treated from a texturizer that I had before locking up. I have started cutting these ends which you see below. After giving myself a trim and washing & conditioning with Carols Daughter's Rosemary Mint shampoo and conditioner my locks look full and healthy!
If you decide to color make sure that you know that permanently coloring your hair changes it's structure and structural damage to the hair strand must occur. Alkaline developer hydrogen peroxide ranges from volume 10 to 40. It's best to stay within 10 to 20 because the higher you go the more damage to the hair strand. Most coloring kits do not exceed the 20 volume range. If you use permanent color make sure you condition, condition, and condition to keep your locks healthy! The use of powdered bleach in NOT recommended on locks. Semi-permanent hair color is the safest type of color for locks. The color results do not lighten the hair strand but deposits color on surface layers. It does not dry or damage the hair strands.( referenced from the Tapestry of Dreams the Sisterlocks Book by Dr. Joanne Cornwell)
If you want the safest route for coloring Henna is the way to go. I used Henna in black when my hair was a TWA ( teeny weenie afro). Henna can be used on weak hair too because it does not cause any damage to the hair strand.


  1. Color envy! That is like the perfect red for your complexion. Beautiful locks

  2. I know what you mean. I've colored my locs so many times and i'm surprised by how resilient my hair is. Since my goal is to grow out healthy locs my plan is to stop coloring my hair, and i've noticed how much stronger and healthier my strands are since doing this. No more weak, thin looking damaged hair strands.