Monday, June 27, 2011


This seems to be the question new clients have been asking according to a popular natural hair website!

I'm going to try very hard NOT to step on anyone's toes on this post but I needed to bring up this issue. As a Certified Sisterlocks Consultant I believe giving a Sisterlocks Starter Kit to a new client is like a Dentist giving a new patient a Dental Starter kit. A dental kit contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss the necessities to get a patient on the right path of keeping healthy teeth. Well A Sisterlocks Starter kit contains special formulated shampoo, (roughens the hair cuticles so the hair will lock faster)rubberbands, how to directions on bundling, and a welcome to Sisterlocks card that you send to the Sisterlodge to receive a gift. The Sisterlocks Starter kit is a necessity in helping a new client get started on their Sisterlocks Journey.

This kit along with other Sisterlocks products can only be purchased from the Sisterlocks Headquarters located in San Diego, California. It is an extra cost to the Consultant but in the training class the Consultant who is a trainee is given 3 starter kits to help them get started with new clients. Then the Consultant should purchase more for future installations. I say should because it is not a must. Dr. Joanne Cornwell doesn't say you have to buy the Sisterlocks products but the products are specially made for Sisterlocks. I personally believe if there is only ONE product the Consultant can afford this Consultant should purchase the Sisterlocks Starter Kit for their clients!

I'm just saying if a Consultant is charging you $700+ to install your Sisterlocks you should get a Starter Kit with your install! Consultants only pay $7.95 for each kit!

Naturally UniQue installations start at a reasonable rate. Naturally UniQue's New Client Sisterlocks Package includes:
- Locking session
- 1 Sisterlocks Starter Kit
- FREE Naturally UniQue Moisturizing EO Spritz
-FREE retightening during Sisterlocks Birthday Month ( ONLY Certified Consultant in Oklahoma that provides a FREE retight to clients!)

I truly LOVE helping Men, Women, and Children love their Natural Hair! It's so not about the money and it shows in my prices. Retightening are a flat rate at Naturally UniQue. I also offer FREE Consultations! I'm the most experienced Certified Consultant in Oklahoma. I have been doing Sisterlocks since March 2008. I first started in Atlanta, GA before moving to Oklahoma. I could have chosen to charge an obscene amount of money for my services because there is only two Certified Consultants in Oklahoma and two trainees but that's something I will NEVER do. I'm not knocking other Consultants who do because Consultants have the right to name their prices! I want to make Sisterlocks affordable for everyone who wants to take the next step into FREEDOM of manageable Natural Hair!

So to all the Ladies and Gents here reading this post and thinking about getting Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks make sure your list of questions includes "Do you offer a Sisterlocks Starter Kit?"

I'm Just Saying ;-)

Friday, June 24, 2011


I know this is so off the subject of Sisterlocks and Natural hair but I wanted to say something about Michael Jackson because his music has and will continue to be a part of my life. I'm posting today because I will be busy tomorrow installing Sisterlocks on a new client. Staying busy tomorrow is actually a good thing for me. June 25Th will always be a sad day for me. It feels like I lost a family member on this day. People still ask me why I get so emotional for a person I never met. Well just because I never met a person doesn't mean that person can’t have a positive influence on me and inspire me in so many ways.

My family, friends, and associates all know I'm a HUGE Michael Jackson Fan! I guess it helps them to know what to get me on my Birthday’s and Christmases! I have been a Fan for 25 years and at 12 years old I started collecting Michael Jackson music, videos, dolls, toys, magazines, books, posters, gold records, and basically anything Michael. Unfortunately I never had the chance to see Michael perform live but I did come really close! You see my Uncle Dana called me up and asked me if I wanted a ticket to the History Concert in Hawaii? I jumped up and down screaming but then I came to my senses because at the time my Uncle and I were both serving in the Air Force. My uncle was already stationed at Hickam AFB, HI but I was stationed in South Dakota! I couldn't leave my job and even if my job let me take vacation time I didn't have the money to get to Hawaii! Uncle Dana said it was the best concert he has EVER been too and he DID hook me up with an awesome Tour Program :-)

I'm truly happy to see a whole new generation embracing Michael again! It's so cool to have family and friends come over and have a good time playing The Michael Jackson Experience. This game will make you sweat and work your butt off! My 8 year old son can dance circles around all of us on this!

I only wish Michael could be here to see all the love instead of what he saw when he was alive. I can say the same thing about someone who is not famous who is no longer with us who wasn’t treated right when alive but when gone people want to wish that they could say I love you one more time. We should tell people when they are ALIVE how much you appreciate and love them! We should not make fun of them and put them down! But people seem to want to fill an individual’s bucket with kind words when they are no longer with us….

R.I.P Michael

Please pause the Mix Pod so you can enjoy the video Below!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hello Naturalista's and Gents!

As you can see there has been some change to Naturally UniQue Locks Blog Site thanks to Lauren @ Designer Blogs!

I will be adding new tabs on the blog like Naturally UniQue services, FAQ about Sisterlocks, testimonials, YouTube videos, and of course a Sisterlocks gallery in the near future!

I thank everyone who has visited and left comments @ Naturally UniQue Locks Blog Site!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Just wanted everyone to know that my Naturally Unique Locks website is down and dont know when it will be up or if it will be up again. I'm dealing with a money hungary web designer and I refuse to pay $400 for using the red and blue background graphic design from my website that is now on this blog! I own the rights to the Sister Girl Graphic. The funny thing is I first asked this designer to create my blog design and this designer blew me off and now is mad that another designer updated!

I'm not going to let this stop me from getting the word out about beautiful Sisterlocks!

Please use Naturally Unique Sisterlocks Blog to schedule your consultation appointments loccated under I Want Sisterlocks!

Be on the look out for a New Naturally Unique Locks Official Website in the near future!

I will keep everyone updated!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Meet Ms. Ruby!

I started her Sisterlocks in 2009 while I was a Sisterlocks Consultant in Atlanta, Ga. At the time Ruby was a college student at Spelman College and deciding to get Sisterlocks was a big step for her. Ruby has not looked back and now is also a Sisterlocks Consultant Trainee in Atlanta, GA! Ruby I wish you the best success in your Sisterlocks business you are also an inspiration to us!

1. How long have you had your Sisterlocks?

ans:I have had my SLs for 2.5 years! Time flies!

2. Why did you decide to get Sisterlocks?

ans:I have always worn my hair natural (for the most part), and was intrigued by locs, but I thought they weren't versatile enough for me. (I was always changing my hair :-P) Then my older sister got sisterlocks and she ROCKED her locs...I was determined to get them and saw how versatile and fun they really are.

3. How many loc's do you have?

ans: 607!!!!! I have a lot of hair!

4. How often are your retightenings?

ans: I try to retight ever 4 weeks so it wont take too long, but I do the retights myself (since my beloved consultant Nycole Parker moved) and I usually end up doing the front and the back in different sessions, so it probably is an average of every 6weeks.

5. Who does your retightenings?

ans: I retight them myself....its a process. lol

6. What products do you use on your Sisterlocks?

ans: I love all natural products like 100% pure shea butter that I get from an African store called Mutana in Atlanta, Ga. Also pure coconut oil, I make my own shampoo with liquid African black soap (also from Mutana) and a combination of herbs that are very beneficial to the hair. I also am a fan of Phyllis the video loctician's HealthyLocks conditioning sprays ( Also the jamaican Mango lime spray is wonderful. I love to experiment with my hair thats why my list is kinda long, but one of the beautiful things about sisterlocks is you really dont need a lot of products. Once you find what works for you, stick to it, and get back to the more important things in life.

7. Why did you become a Sisterlock Consultant?

ans: I became a Sisterlocks consultant because I realized what a huge difference how we feel about our hair can make in our everyday lives. I feel that locking your hair (traditional or sisterlocks) can be enlightening and life changing and I want to guide other people as they begin their journey. I love my hair, and it is a reflection of me. I call my Sisterlocks business "Naturally Free!" I love india. arie, but I AM my hair, and my hair is healthy, and naturally free. I have so many obstacles that I need to tackle everyday spiritually, emotionally, and professionally, I dont want to put too much time and energy into my hair. I know I am not the only one, and Sisterlocks is just one way that we can become more Free.

8. You are a graduate from Spelman College in Atlanta, GA? Major?

ans:Yes I was a Spanish major and Film and visual culture minor.

9. Where can we follow your journey?

ans: My website is add me on fb Sisterlocks NaturallyFree and check my fb page for my upcoming blog. THANK YOU NYCOLE PARKER aka Naturally UniQue FOR STARTING ME ON MY SL JOURNEY & CONTINUING TO BE AN INSPIRATION OVER THE YEARS!


JUST SAY NO TO KIDDIE PERMS! Naturally Unique Sisterlocks is offering a DEAL OF THE MONTH SPECIAL! Next 3 parents to schedule a Sisterlocks or Brotherlocks Install will pay ONLY $200.00!

After watching this Tyra Banks video about a mother who makes it a point to perm her daughter's hair even if she is kicking and screaming just to be able to in her own words " put a comb in her hair."

Because of her mother and maybe society the girl believes after her mother is finished that her hair is NOW beautiful.

I believe that if the mother had from the beginning taught her daughter to love her natural hair instead of referring to it as a bad thing the little girl would not feel the way that she does about her hair. if you watch the video you will see that the little girls hairline is ALREADY damaged from the relaxer treatments!