Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hairfinity Challenge

If you haven't heard of Hairfinity let me tell you about it.  It's a dietary supplement that helps your hair grow healthier.  Yes, I have always said there is nothing that is going to help your hair grow faster than it's normal rate.  Well I have found something that actually does!  I started the Hairfinity Challenge 1 Jan 2014 and I already need a retightening!  I will post pics soon.  

If your on the fence I say just give it a try you will not be disappointed.

Click on link below to start your Hairfinity Challenge today!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Okay I'm Back to post on my very first blog!

Ms. Attallah  a Naturally UniQue client shared her Sisterlocks experience via YouTube.   This is an awesome video of Attallah's beautiful Sisterlocks Journey.  

I'm very happy to see clients loving their natural hair!  It's important to be patient with your Sisterlocks Journey.  Your Sisterlocks are always changing as you can see in the video by Attallah.  Sisterlocks are a low maintenance style but it's still very important to go to your scheduled maintenance appointments.  If you don't make your appointments your Sisterlocks will no longer be Sisterlocks and can break off.

At Naturally UniQue I provide quality haircare for my clients.  I believe in being professional and having a professional environment for my clients.  I truly enjoy receiving text messages, letters, call, and now YouTube videos of clients who love their hair.
To all the Naturalista's and Loc Rocker's I thank you for choosing me to care for your hair!

Please visit my website

Thank You!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Naturally UniQue Website Is Finally Here!

Hello Loc Rocker's and Naturalista's! I'm very happy to launch the Naturally UniQue Sisterlocks, Twists, & Dreads Website.  Please come and visit the new website! 

The link is

You will find Pictures, FAQ, Service page, Yummi Loc's products, & more! 

 I will also start blogging on the Naturally UniQue website so for all new posts please go to

I will leave the Naturally UniQue Locks Blogger available for all the archives and past posts.

I want to thank everyone for supporting my Blogger and I pray that you will also support the Naturally UniQue Wordpress Blog  too.

Keep on rockin those loc's!

Saturday, March 30, 2013


That's right Loc Rocker's & Naturalista's The  Naturally UniQue Sisterlocks, Twists, & Dreads Website will launch in April!

The website was created to provide information about Sisterlocks, Traditional Locks (Dreads), and Natural Hair Management.

The website will be functional & fun! 

Naturally UniQue will also  officially launch  on the website Yummi Loc's Mositurizing Spritz & Yummi Loc's Conditioning Oil that can be used on hair, skin, and as a hot oil treatment!  The oil is a light, all natural herbal blend that smells absolutely Yummi!  The Yummi Conditioning oil is already a hit among OKC loc rocker's!.

So stay tuned......

Sunday, March 10, 2013



Want to give your Sisterlocks some style? Try doing a roller set.  I love to see loc's with curls, curls, and more curls!



I created this style by using Finger Comber Havana Twist Hair. It's different from Kinky Twist. Havana Twists are for someone looking to rock a transitional style but want a more natural look. You will definitely stand out from the rest!  The Havana Twists are bigger than Kinky Twists and not heavy at all.  You can use oils on this hair and  it can be washed and reused.
This style will last 4-6 weeks.

Havana Hair comes in different colors too!
If you want this style or have questions please contact me.


Monday, February 25, 2013


Since 2008 I have been making my moisturizing spritz for myself and clients.  Even clients new to Sisterlocks, Brotherlocks, and Traditional locks can use this product because it does not cause slippage but it does MOISTURIZE & STOPS THE ITCH!

Yummi Locs smells well yummi and the Key Ingredients are Water, Rosemary, Peppermint, Rosa Centifolia, Herbal & Botanical blend.

Yummi Locs is 100% Natural

This Young Loc Rocker loves Yummi Locs!!

You can buy Yummi Locs at Hair From The Heart Salon, MWC, OK, Go Natural 24/7 in Del City, OK, or contact me 
( info under Naturally UniQue tab).

I also sell the Sisterlocks Starter Shampoo for all the newbies! :-)

If you currently use the product please leave a comment... Thank You!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


This goes out to all the sistah's rockin their Gone With The Wind Fabulous Locks!



Locks in moisture in your hair without weighing  it down or causing product build up.  Hair will feel soft and ready to be styled pretty.  Infused with essential oils to smooth your hair shaft and keeps it moisturized.  The light scent of lemon zest is  refreshing.

Key Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Almond Oil, Wheat Germ protein, Silk Amino Acids, lemongrass extract, rapaseed oil.


Ok so I color my Sisterlocks every 3- 4 months and I need to keep my locks conditioned and moisturized especially in the winter months.

So in combination of using the Herbal Dudu- Osum African Black Soap & Conditioner I also use the Alikay Naturals Lemongrass leave in.  I actually use the Alikay Naturals Leave In every 3 or 4 days to bring life & moisture back to my locks. Also I love the smell of the product..very sweet & fresh. I get most of my natural products from my very good friend Shirlene who is the owner of Go Natural The Health, Hair, & Skin Cafe located in Del City, Oklahoma.

You can also order Alikay Naturals online at


I know this product has been around for awhile now but as the saying goes better late then never!  I'm happy I found out about this product and  will continue to use since I will continue to color my locks!