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* Locking Session

* Sisterlocks Starter Kit

* Retight

*Free Gift


*Starter Locks (Traditional)

*Lock Maintenance

*Starter Locks with Interlocking

*Lock Styles

*Twist Services

*Finger/Comb Coils

*Double Strand Twists


*Natural Hair Care & Maintenance


Relaxing Environment



*Refer a friend for a install = receive 50% off your next retightening!


*Refer a friend for a retightening = receive 20% off your next retightening!


Policy Agreement (Sisterlocks ™ Services)

Consultation Fees

A consultation fee of $25 per person is required for new installations. Consultation fees and prepayments( locking session deposit) are non-refundable. Please note that because of interim hair growth, Sisterlocks Package quotes are only valid for two months from the date of the consultation.


The balance of the payment is due the first day of installation, before the session begins.

Cash, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, Paypal, Money orders, Paypal or Cashier's Check are accepted payments.



Cancellations and Rescheduling


For retightening and all other  services, clients shall notify their consultant 48 hours in advance to reschedule their appointment. A $25 dollar cancellation fee applies if the client does not give 48 hour notice. If clients are off their regular maintenance schedule, other repair services may apply and can only be assessed during the client's rescheduled appointment. Naturally UniQue reserves the right to discontinue service to repeat cancellation clients.

For installations, if an entire day is lost due to rescheduling after the installation begins, a lost day fee of $100 dollars will be charged to the client's account and is due on the day and before their installation resumes. No additional fees apply if a lost day fee applies.

Installations are blocked 9 hours each day unless otherwised noted. Proper arrangements should be made to attend the entire day before booking an installation service. If time is lost due to the client leavings early, the client taking excessive or long breaks, or for any reason whatsoever, the time lost will be assessed as a late fee. See paragraph: "courtesy calls" below for late fee schedule.

Preparation for Installation and Retightening Services


All clients must wash their hair at least 2 days before their service. The hair should be free of any oils, grease, ect… Installations are broken into 2 days. Clients are to provide their own meals. Clients are also encouraged to bring books, Cd’s and or DVD’s.


About your 3 week follow-up.

As a part of the Sisterlocks package, all clients receive a 3 week follow-up after their installation. If the client does not make their 3 week appointment, the 3 week follow-up appointment will be void. The next appointment would be considered a full retightening session where normal rates apply.


Underage Children


Children are not allowed during installations, however, children can attend consultations  and retightenings.

Courtesy Calls


For installation , retightening and all other services, clients should call in advance if they are running late or if they will be leaving early.  20 minutes late = NO SHOW!

Disclosure of Usage


Naturally UniQue reserves the right to photograph all work for demonstrative purposes.

Note: all terms are subject to change without notification.