Monday, July 5, 2010

Can I get Sisterlocks with Alopecia?

I have found that Sisterlocks does help with Alopecia. Many AA women who have experienced hair damage and loss from microbraid extensions, relaxers, etc. find that their hair recovers when they stop braiding or relaxing and start locking their hair. Now there are some that start experiencing alopecia when they have locks but this can be due to too tight re-tightenings or styles that pull the locks too much. Also the alopecia could be a internal problem ie thyroid disease, stress.

I have been told that Castor Oil works great with helping the process of hair growth. This product can be purchased at any Beauty Supply Store. I had a client swear by Wild Hair Grow Oil which can be bought at a Beauty Supply Store. Also a product called Emu oil helps with hair growth too. Now these products were used before Sisterlocks were installed. It is not recommended to use these products with a new installation because products can cause slippage. If client wants to use a product to help with the alopecia make sure client only uses it on the affected spot.

I welcome any comments or suggestion on Alopecia!


  1. It really depends on the individuals preference. The class is $1500 and certification is $125 which is every 2 years. Consultants usually make their investment back after 3 or more clients.