Thursday, January 21, 2010

I LoveYour Spirals Missy!

Week old twist out. You can still see some spirals. I wash my hair once a week so it's about time to wash. After shampoo & conditioning ( I use Wen shampoo & conditioner) I use Taliah Waajid Crinkles & Curls styling lotion on small sections then part hair in 2 and double twist down to the end. I secure with an ouchless rubberband. I usually air dry but if time doesn't permit I will sit under hooded dryer. Once dry unravel twists and your beautiful locks will have volume with spirals & curls! For tighter curls and more volume try Bantu knots. Same steps but after you double twist hair, Take the twist and wrap it around itself in a circular fashion to form what looks like a knot. Tuck the hair under itself or use a ouchless rubberband to secure each bantu knot. Make sure hair is dry before taking down.


  1. Your color and your twist out are too hot to handle! They both look great on you. :-)

  2. Your locks are beautiful! I love the color!