Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sisterlocks Training 3/2008

I decided to sign up for the Sisterlocks training class in Atlanta, GA in March 2008. I wanted to learn how to do Sisterlocks. My consultant motivated me to go. I also had women asking me if I knew how to do it when they seen my Sisterlocks. I was so excited about the class. Ms. Denise Roberts Dixon was our Master Trainer and Wanda Washington was helping also. Master Stylist Calla Johnson was creating beautiful hairstyles right in front of our eyes. The best part was Dr. Joanne Cornwell herself. She came and talked to the class about her vision and mission. Dr. Cornwell was so humble and gracious. Her sisterlocks are to die for but what really shocked me was that she does her own retights! I was fortunate to take a picture with her. I also signed up for the photo shoot and some of the photo's actually made it into her new book That Hair Thing! Here are some pictures from the training!

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