Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nilda aka Da Knitter Crochet Tams & Hats

I have always enjoyed wearing a crochet hat because one it never goes out of style and second it's a quick way to go throughout your day without having to mess with your hair! I'm usually on the look out for some beautiful and unique hats. Her's a couple of hats I purchased from Da Knitter herself. Her crochet hats are really reasonable and she gets them to you quickly. I received mine in 2 days! Here's the link


  1. I just love the second Crochet Hat. You also look very pretty on that picture. You have me wanting to try new things

  2. Thank You Kreyola! You should check out the store like I said great quality at a reasonable price! :-)

  3. Lovely lovely tams. I agree with Kreyola. Gona get some for myself.