Friday, February 11, 2011


A little over 2 yrs ago when I was a Sisterlock newbie I was searching in desperation for hair accessories to jazz up my new baby locs. I found Tomoka Twist's I think on the Lockitup Sisterlock Group. I thought Mimi's Twists were so UNIQUE that I purchased 3. As I was going through my box of "hair stuff" I found my old Tomoka Twists and fell in love with them once again. ( The pic with the silver beads) So I went back to Tomoka's Twist's Website and there was plenty of different hair accessories and jewelry to choose from. I purchased 2 Hair Ties from the "Happy" Hair Tie Line. One is called Happy Flashing Lights ( that's the colorful one) and Happy Half Baked ( the green stone one). I really like these new ties because you can control the stretch and they have these really cute beads at the ends of the string. Thank You Mimi for the beautiful Hair Ties!

You can find Tomoka's Twists Website under my Naturally Unique Links!


  1. Your hair really make these look good! Thank you a million times for the sharing!

  2. @Carmennc...You are so welcome! I love your beautiful hair accessories :-)