Sunday, March 27, 2011


I have had conversations with ladies who wear Sisterlocks that refuse to wear a bonnet or scarf to bed. My thoughts were that I really didnt understand how people could go to sleep without protecting their locks with a bonnet/scarf? For me it feels like something is crawling on my neck and back while I'm trying to sleep if I dont wear my bonnet (seriously!) So that's the number one reason why I wear my bonnet faithfully every night!

The other reasons are:

#2- Dont want my locks to pick up lint or fuzz while I sleep.

#3- Don't want to accidently pull my locks while I sleep ( yea can be a rough sleeper)

#4- I want to keep my locks neat!

So not even the alternative of sleeping on a satin pillowcase is not an option for me.

My routine in the morning:

My bonnet is still on when I wake up because I have a no slip one which you can pick up at any local beauty supply.

I remove the bonnet and spritz my locks with a EO spritz( check out my FAQ to see whats in my EO). You have to spritz because yes all those locks were balled up in the bonnet so simply spritzing loosens up the locks. Then just style! The pics above from removing bonnet, spritzing, and style took me 3 minutes.

Just wanted to give you something to think about. Let me know how you protect your locks?


  1. I so agree with you. I wear my bonnet everynight so far so good no lint :)

  2. Thank you for your comment! Bonnets definitely keep the lint away! In the winter time make sure you protect your locks with a bonnet when putting on sweaters that might shed!