Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baby Girl Sisterlocks

When I seen this picture I thought how blessed this little girl was to start her natural hair journey at such a young age. She will not have to feel a chemical burn from a "kiddie" perm. She won't have to sit and have extensions braided into her hair. She wont have to sit through a Color Purple detangling and combing session. She wont have to feel the burn of a hot comb touching her ear or neck. She will grow up with a healthy head of natural hair! I wish more parents would go this route with their children. I have had little girls ask to have hair like mine but their parents tell them no because " it's permanent". I think sometimes it's the cost of Sisterlocks that scares the parent away! I honestly think Sisterlock's are worth the price when you compare it to a repeated cycle of hair loss & breakage. One day I would like to see more little girls with perm free natural hair. :-)


  1. She is adorable and her locks are gorgeous!

  2. Thanks V for stopping by! Yes that lil girl is a cutie :-)