Saturday, January 21, 2012


I hope that 2012 is starting off lock beautifully for you! I'm excited about this year because there will be many great opportunities coming my way. I'm thankful for my growing clientele and many of my clients have supported my business, helped me promote my business, or provided valuable & uplifting advice. So I say Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

I look forward to joining you on your Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks journeys!

Here is some New Year's Goals for Rocking your Locks from Locdlife

1. I will be patient.Whether you’re just starting your locs or you’ve had them for years and you’re just waiting for them to grow, be patient. For starters, allow your hair the proper time to loc. For hair growth, remember to nurture your loc garden and allow them do their own thing. A watched pot never boils, so be patient and enjoy the journey.

2. I will take care of my locs.There’s no other hair style that will tell on you than locs. If you care for them consistently, you will have head-turning, beautiful tresses that people will notice. If not, you’ll have a hot mess. Remember, everyday, you are a loc ambassador.

3. I will moisturize. Shampoo them regularly. Use hot oil treatments. Drink water. There’s nothing more discouraging than dry, dusty locs!

4. I will tie my hair up at night—every night.Other than moisturizing, this is the second most important thing you can do for your locs at any stage. Skip this every night, and your locs won’t only be dry, they’ll weaken and snap under the pressure. You’ve waited a long time for a beautiful head of locs. You paid your loctician a lot of money to get that maintenance. Now do your part! A silky, non-cottony scarf or a Loc soc will do. Tip: tie your hair up once you get home. You’ll start your bedtime routine early.

5. I will switch it up.Try a curly style. Work an updo. Rock loc jewels. Accessorize. Try a rinse or a mild color if you’ve been thinking about it. If you’re bored with mature locs, doing this will keep yours—and others—interest.

6. I will nourish my locs (and my body) from within.You are what you eat. Drink plenty of water. Eat foods rich in omega fats like salmon. You can even take vitamins. You only live once. You should do it in optimal health, not only for your locs, but for you.

7. I will express myself.Locs are the ultimate expression of your hair’s natural essence. If you’re thinking about locs, and they work with your lifestyle, go for it!

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