Sunday, February 28, 2010

Here are some of my purchases from the Vendor's Hall.

The funky Dereon skirt with the FlyGirl print is from:Nkisi Roots Collection She can even advertise your business on these skirts!

The gorgeous necklace was created by hand by Sandra K. Davis owner of Soulcreator you can check her out at http://

The book called Nappyisms by Linda Jones is a book that will inspire you as you start your journey or to support you if you already arrived! You can check out A Happy Hair Affair website at

You can order the new book from Dr. JoAnne Cornwell "That Hair Thing" from

The Ladies First T-Shirt is from Casual Diva.

I also met Bruce Boyd the owner of Nudred The Hair Twisting Miracle. He has a pretty cool technique that twists your natural hair. You can check his website out at Click on the picture and watch the video!

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