Sunday, February 28, 2010

Platinum Grits Presents Dr. Joanne Cornwell, Dallas,TX

Thanks to Blaqkofi who told me about Dr. Cornwell's book signing and workshop in Dallas on 27 Feb I was able to plan to go to this event. I'm so happy that I did! Even though I was sick ( sinuses) due to the many weather changes here in Oklahoma I drove 3 hours because I was really looking forward to meeting other consultants and sisterlock wearers. It had been 2 yrs since I seen Dr. Cornwell in Atlanta were I lived before moving to Oklahoma. The workshop was full of information about natural hair care and Sisterlocks. The video response to the movie "Good Hair" by Chris Rock was shown. You can see this video on my website click on the links page. Dr Cornwell talked to us about many issues dealing with Sisterlocks and natural hair. Sisterlocks future plans are to have Chapters which will be a perfect way to connect to the Sisterlock's Sisterlodge from your part of the world. Also Dr. Cornwell plans to have a Sisterlock's Hair Color Line specifically for locks.
I met so many beautiful sista's yesterday. De Johnson who owns Nappiology,INC and organizes many of the natural hair events in Dallas. If you are in the Dallas area her website is I want to thank the President of Platinum Grits Ms. Shawna Ridley for coordinating this event. She is absolutely one of the sweetest ladies that I met and look forward to seeing her again!

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