Friday, June 24, 2011


I know this is so off the subject of Sisterlocks and Natural hair but I wanted to say something about Michael Jackson because his music has and will continue to be a part of my life. I'm posting today because I will be busy tomorrow installing Sisterlocks on a new client. Staying busy tomorrow is actually a good thing for me. June 25Th will always be a sad day for me. It feels like I lost a family member on this day. People still ask me why I get so emotional for a person I never met. Well just because I never met a person doesn't mean that person can’t have a positive influence on me and inspire me in so many ways.

My family, friends, and associates all know I'm a HUGE Michael Jackson Fan! I guess it helps them to know what to get me on my Birthday’s and Christmases! I have been a Fan for 25 years and at 12 years old I started collecting Michael Jackson music, videos, dolls, toys, magazines, books, posters, gold records, and basically anything Michael. Unfortunately I never had the chance to see Michael perform live but I did come really close! You see my Uncle Dana called me up and asked me if I wanted a ticket to the History Concert in Hawaii? I jumped up and down screaming but then I came to my senses because at the time my Uncle and I were both serving in the Air Force. My uncle was already stationed at Hickam AFB, HI but I was stationed in South Dakota! I couldn't leave my job and even if my job let me take vacation time I didn't have the money to get to Hawaii! Uncle Dana said it was the best concert he has EVER been too and he DID hook me up with an awesome Tour Program :-)

I'm truly happy to see a whole new generation embracing Michael again! It's so cool to have family and friends come over and have a good time playing The Michael Jackson Experience. This game will make you sweat and work your butt off! My 8 year old son can dance circles around all of us on this!

I only wish Michael could be here to see all the love instead of what he saw when he was alive. I can say the same thing about someone who is not famous who is no longer with us who wasn’t treated right when alive but when gone people want to wish that they could say I love you one more time. We should tell people when they are ALIVE how much you appreciate and love them! We should not make fun of them and put them down! But people seem to want to fill an individual’s bucket with kind words when they are no longer with us….

R.I.P Michael

Please pause the Mix Pod so you can enjoy the video Below!


  1. God Bless You. Regardless of the trauma and the drama in the last years of his life, Michael Jackson was a true genius and he shared his blessings with the planet. The outpouring of love and sorrow when he passed was one of those events that shake the planet every once in a while.

    "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" is my all-time favourite video, he's so young, so happy, so handsome and the promise of delights to come was unbelievable just in that one video.

    I truly hope he has found now the peace that so cruelly eluded him while he was among us. I truly hope that incredible smile is shinning down on us on this day of rememberance and celebration of a unique destiny.

    God Bless,


  2. Thank you Paula for your comment. GOD Bless, Naturally UniQue