Monday, June 27, 2011


This seems to be the question new clients have been asking according to a popular natural hair website!

I'm going to try very hard NOT to step on anyone's toes on this post but I needed to bring up this issue. As a Certified Sisterlocks Consultant I believe giving a Sisterlocks Starter Kit to a new client is like a Dentist giving a new patient a Dental Starter kit. A dental kit contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss the necessities to get a patient on the right path of keeping healthy teeth. Well A Sisterlocks Starter kit contains special formulated shampoo, (roughens the hair cuticles so the hair will lock faster)rubberbands, how to directions on bundling, and a welcome to Sisterlocks card that you send to the Sisterlodge to receive a gift. The Sisterlocks Starter kit is a necessity in helping a new client get started on their Sisterlocks Journey.

This kit along with other Sisterlocks products can only be purchased from the Sisterlocks Headquarters located in San Diego, California. It is an extra cost to the Consultant but in the training class the Consultant who is a trainee is given 3 starter kits to help them get started with new clients. Then the Consultant should purchase more for future installations. I say should because it is not a must. Dr. Joanne Cornwell doesn't say you have to buy the Sisterlocks products but the products are specially made for Sisterlocks. I personally believe if there is only ONE product the Consultant can afford this Consultant should purchase the Sisterlocks Starter Kit for their clients!

I'm just saying if a Consultant is charging you $700+ to install your Sisterlocks you should get a Starter Kit with your install! Consultants only pay $7.95 for each kit!

Naturally UniQue installations start at a reasonable rate. Naturally UniQue's New Client Sisterlocks Package includes:
- Locking session
- 1 Sisterlocks Starter Kit
- FREE Naturally UniQue Moisturizing EO Spritz
-FREE retightening during Sisterlocks Birthday Month ( ONLY Certified Consultant in Oklahoma that provides a FREE retight to clients!)

I truly LOVE helping Men, Women, and Children love their Natural Hair! It's so not about the money and it shows in my prices. Retightening are a flat rate at Naturally UniQue. I also offer FREE Consultations! I'm the most experienced Certified Consultant in Oklahoma. I have been doing Sisterlocks since March 2008. I first started in Atlanta, GA before moving to Oklahoma. I could have chosen to charge an obscene amount of money for my services because there is only two Certified Consultants in Oklahoma and two trainees but that's something I will NEVER do. I'm not knocking other Consultants who do because Consultants have the right to name their prices! I want to make Sisterlocks affordable for everyone who wants to take the next step into FREEDOM of manageable Natural Hair!

So to all the Ladies and Gents here reading this post and thinking about getting Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks make sure your list of questions includes "Do you offer a Sisterlocks Starter Kit?"

I'm Just Saying ;-)


  1. I can't believe you have to even ask that! I mean the Sisterlocks Starter Kits is part of the package. I'm shocked that people are not even getting that????

  2. You would think but there are Consultants Certified and Trainee that dont! smh