Sunday, June 5, 2011


Meet Ms. Ruby!

I started her Sisterlocks in 2009 while I was a Sisterlocks Consultant in Atlanta, Ga. At the time Ruby was a college student at Spelman College and deciding to get Sisterlocks was a big step for her. Ruby has not looked back and now is also a Sisterlocks Consultant Trainee in Atlanta, GA! Ruby I wish you the best success in your Sisterlocks business you are also an inspiration to us!

1. How long have you had your Sisterlocks?

ans:I have had my SLs for 2.5 years! Time flies!

2. Why did you decide to get Sisterlocks?

ans:I have always worn my hair natural (for the most part), and was intrigued by locs, but I thought they weren't versatile enough for me. (I was always changing my hair :-P) Then my older sister got sisterlocks and she ROCKED her locs...I was determined to get them and saw how versatile and fun they really are.

3. How many loc's do you have?

ans: 607!!!!! I have a lot of hair!

4. How often are your retightenings?

ans: I try to retight ever 4 weeks so it wont take too long, but I do the retights myself (since my beloved consultant Nycole Parker moved) and I usually end up doing the front and the back in different sessions, so it probably is an average of every 6weeks.

5. Who does your retightenings?

ans: I retight them myself....its a process. lol

6. What products do you use on your Sisterlocks?

ans: I love all natural products like 100% pure shea butter that I get from an African store called Mutana in Atlanta, Ga. Also pure coconut oil, I make my own shampoo with liquid African black soap (also from Mutana) and a combination of herbs that are very beneficial to the hair. I also am a fan of Phyllis the video loctician's HealthyLocks conditioning sprays ( Also the jamaican Mango lime spray is wonderful. I love to experiment with my hair thats why my list is kinda long, but one of the beautiful things about sisterlocks is you really dont need a lot of products. Once you find what works for you, stick to it, and get back to the more important things in life.

7. Why did you become a Sisterlock Consultant?

ans: I became a Sisterlocks consultant because I realized what a huge difference how we feel about our hair can make in our everyday lives. I feel that locking your hair (traditional or sisterlocks) can be enlightening and life changing and I want to guide other people as they begin their journey. I love my hair, and it is a reflection of me. I call my Sisterlocks business "Naturally Free!" I love india. arie, but I AM my hair, and my hair is healthy, and naturally free. I have so many obstacles that I need to tackle everyday spiritually, emotionally, and professionally, I dont want to put too much time and energy into my hair. I know I am not the only one, and Sisterlocks is just one way that we can become more Free.

8. You are a graduate from Spelman College in Atlanta, GA? Major?

ans:Yes I was a Spanish major and Film and visual culture minor.

9. Where can we follow your journey?

ans: My website is add me on fb Sisterlocks NaturallyFree and check my fb page for my upcoming blog. THANK YOU NYCOLE PARKER aka Naturally UniQue FOR STARTING ME ON MY SL JOURNEY & CONTINUING TO BE AN INSPIRATION OVER THE YEARS!


  1. Her locs look great! Thanks for sharing her story with us. :-)

  2. Your welcome Dewdrop! Thank you for stopping by :-)